A garden poster for all seasons

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Yes, summer is coming again. Time to take care of your garden. This summer and all summers to come, do you want a beautiful item that catches eyes and is really useful to you? Then a garden poster is something for you. You can enjoy your garden for years to come with a beautiful poster. We say from summer onwards, but you can actually enjoy a garden poster for 4 seasons.

With a garden poster you opt for timeless garden decoration. You can order a garden poster in any desired size and completely customized. Ideal to cover a blank wall or to brighten up a pool house, for example. You can order your garden poster accurately to the centimeter, so it always fits perfectly. Moreover, your garden poster can withstand a knock and there is a choice of thousands of photos. So you are sure to find the perfect picture that suits your garden and your taste. You can also upload a photo you have taken yourself and have it printed on your garden poster. This way you have a unique garden poster that no one else has.

An outdoor poster in your garden that will last for years

An outdoor poster will last for years. It is not without reason that this specialist has been the reference in the field of garden posters for years. The colours really pop from your poster and are UV-resistant. Your garden poster will also withstand wind and weather and you can always leave it hanging outside. Wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth and your poster will be good to go again. Each poster comes with a strong warranty and you can be sure that your garden poster will last for years. This way you will earn back your investment in no time and you will always enjoy an attractive appearance in your garden.

Delivered quickly

Printing your own photo on a garden poster does not take much time at all. We have professional machines to do this job. Delivering a garden poster is therefore quick. You will usually receive your garden poster within 2 to 3 days. We always include how to assemble the garden poster. This is especially useful if you choose a hanging system. Mounting a garden poster is not difficult, but we would like to explain it to you so that you can enjoy your poster to the fullest.

Easy to assemble

A garden poster does not require much effort at all to assemble or place. The easiest are the adhesive ones. Simply stick this garden poster on your wall. Would you prefer a garden poster with rings, in a frame or with a wooden or bamboo frame? That is also perfectly possible. Select the option, order and install. You will be enjoying your custom garden poster in no time.