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We know data recovery. File
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Our recovery rates for hard discs are above 88% – as good as the best. Our success rates for RAID systems are over 98%. (Excluding sabotage.) Probably the highest in the industry.



We know that we go the extra
mile; our clients regularly
mention this. We enjoying adding
value – even after the recovery.
And at no additional fee.


We are careful to establish as many
facts as possible about your data
issue, so that we can start
preparing and setting up our
systems before it is received by us.


Can you recover our data?

The likelihood is yes, we probably can. For RAID systems our current success rate is above 98% for a full recovery, provided the RAID has not been subject to numerous manual rebuilds or recovery attempts by the user or IT admin.

For single hard drive failures, our success rate varies depending on the type of failure, as well as the manufacturer of the drive. (Certain drives have known issues, which can reduce the chance of successful recovery.) Generally, we enjoy success rates of about 95% for single drives.

How much will it cost?

The price will depend on the capacity of the drive, and the nature of the failure.

For RAID systems, pricing is worked out on a per-job basis, as there are far too many variables that prevent publishing of pricing structures.

Please contact us for more information.

Will you charge us for diagnosis?

No – please contact us

How do we send the media over to you?

If you are local to us, you may make an appointment to deliver your device. Alternatively, you can use any reliable courier service. If you have a large and fragile storage device, such as a complete server, we recommend using a dedicated, same-day courier… read more

What should we do if our data is lost?

The chances are you have not actually lost your data – it has merely become inaccessible. The services of a data recovery professional will usually be able to restore access to the lost data. It is critical you do not attempt DIY data recovery, as this all too often results in catastrophe.

Please contact us for more information.

How do we prevent data loss happening?

The only sure-fire way to prevent data loss is to have a comprehensive backup routine in place. This backup system needs to be tested regularly; we often encounter users who have been backing up religiously – but the backups have all failed.

Even your backup system should be backed up, and the backup taken off site. Learn not to trust any storage medium on its own – all storage systems can fail.

How do we prevent more data loss after failure?

If a single hard drive fails and is making any odd noises, it’s important to power the drive off, and leave it off until you can get it to a data recovery professional. Further attempts to read the drive or copy off data will almost certainly cause further damage to the drive, and may well render it completely unrecoverable. This can occur if there is a failure of the read/write heads; allowing the drive to continue spinning could result in the damaged heads scratching the platters, leaving absolutely no chance of recovery.

With RAID, there are more options. Many causes of failure are the result of a crashed RAID rebuild (following swapping out a failed drive with a healthy one). At this point, you need professional assistance. A power surge can leave more than one drive damaged – enough to bring down the RAID. This needs immediate professional attention.

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